Ian Thomas

Avago Bingo

An entire TV channel dedicated to live bingo. Yes, it sounds (and was) a grim concept.

However, it did have some very interesting interactivity. For Avago, we built an entire interactive feedback loop; the players logged in to their Sky set-top-boxes to play, and apart from the gameplay itself, statistics about the users were fed back via live displays to the presenter, who could then comment on the players. “Mr Jones, I see you’re back with us to try and win again, after your win last week!” This really lifted up the audience numbers as people felt it was personal to them.

It was the first programme of its kind, and way ahead of the competition.

Over time, the concept grew, and there were several channels, all running multiple games.

I designed the frameworks and API layer underlying the Avago code on the Sky STBs, using a mixture of embedded C supported with server-side Java.

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