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As an ongoing side-project, I was one of a small number of writers creating content for Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar), a browser-based game set in a version of London that has been dragged under the ground by unknown forces.

The game is primarily text-based and is known for the quality of its writing. I can in no way claim to be responsible for that quality, I was just one of the writers, and contributed only a handful of storylines. But I was very proud to be considered good enough to be a part of it.

From Failbettergames’ website, some nice things people have said about Fallen London:

“Beautifully moody and lusciously written”
– The Guardian

“Intriguing and addictive…The world of Fallen London is a joy to explore, a weird and wonderful playground.”
– The Escapist

“Rich with clever machinations… Far and away the best browser game of today. Why? Flavour and story.”
– The New Yorker

“Addictive, atmospheric and enthralling…You are the only company I ever allowed to use me for Twitter marketing and, having explored, I do not feel embarrassed at being your hoarding.”
– Naomi Alderman (Disobedience, The Lessons)

“One of the most enjoyable social games of late! Echo Bazaar has a unique and original setting, and makes great use of turn-based ‘appointment gaming,’ resource collection and economics, character development, and especially storytelling.”
– Naomi Clark, (Game Designer – LEGO, Gamelab, Rebel Monkey, Blue Fang)

“The writers of Echo Bazaar use concrete nouns and active verbs. They don’t abuse adjectives. They have a sense of rhythm […] This is not pyrotechnic prose, with lots of flashy words and obvious rhetorical figures. It’s something better: it’s disciplined.”
– Emily Short (Galatea, Alabaster, Bronze)

“Yeah, I don’t normally play games. But I played this one. I wanted to know what happened next.”
– Russell T Davies

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