Ian Thomas


In September 2015 the makers of Amnesia, Frictional Games released SOMA.

It’s best classified as an existential undersea psychological horror. 🙂

I worked on gameplay, level design, editing and other bits and pieces.

It has received near-universal acclaim for its story and atmosphere – the reviews have been astounding. Here are a few samples:

“One of the best psychological horror games since Silent Hill 2.” – 9/10, Bloody Disgusting

“SOMA is one of those once-in-a-generation experiences that so wildly defies both expectation and assumptions that I can say with confidence that it will forever impact how we define video games.” – 9.5/10, CGMagazine

“…an astounding masterpiece, and the game all future horror releases should be measured against.” – 9/10, Starburst

“Even as I’m writing this, all I want to do is step back into the world of SOMA.” – 10/10, Gamer Headlines

“I have never loved being terrified more in my entire life.” – 5/5, GameRevolution

“SOMA surpassed my expectations of what a psychological science-fiction horror story could be.” – 5/5, GameRevolution

“…one of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced in a game in years.” – 9/10, Polygon

“…a benchmark for the horror genre, and easily one of the best examples of video game storytelling this year.” – 4.5/5, The Escapist

“SOMA feels like a story co-authored by Philip K Dick and HP Lovecraft, peeking behind the meaning of humanity and finding cosmic terror in the results.” – 4.5/5, The Escapist

“The sense of immersion… is simply unparalleled in the first-person horror genre.” – 8.5/10, ArcadeSushi

“A masterpiece of audio and visual design…” – 8/10, PC Gamer

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