Ian Thomas

The Voice of the Seraph

Captain Dick Britton in: The Voice of the Seraph — a pulp action adventure set in the 1930s. Thoroughly tongue-in-cheek. Acclaimed for its bewildering array of set pieces, for its inventiveness, and for the antagonist actually having a working WWI tank…

This was a huge production involving large set builds, pyrotechnics, lots of props and effects and a cast of (literally) thousands. Thousands, that is, if you count a large number of live insects used in one of the sequences. We crammed in every Indiana Jones-style pulp set-piece we could think of, with two teams of set-builders racing ahead of the participants as they progressed through the story.

The character backgrounds were loosened up considerably for this event — on purpose — relying on letters, passports, telegrams, diaries and newspaper clippings to fill in the participants about who they were playing and their relationships rather than using our usual detailed character briefs.

This was our most popular event and has been widely acknowledged as our best. It’s my favourite by far. I was co-director and lead writer, and produced a lot of the background material.

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