Ian Thomas



Hercule Poirot: The First Cases consultancy, narrative design

Gods Will Fall consultancy, narrative design

Amnesia: Rebirth coding, dialogue, direction, narrative design, worldbuilding, writing

Space Crew writing

Raji writing

Assemble With Care consultancy, narrative design

Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem consultancy, narrative design

Maid of Sker consultancy, narrative design

Minute of Islands consultancy, narrative design

All for One art, design, directing, game mechanics, interactive narrative, narrative design, sound design, writing

Avo! consultancy, design, narrative design

Flotsam art, design, interactive narrative, music, sound design, worldbuilding

Wing and a Prayer game mechanics, narrative design, sound design, writing

The Cabin consultancy, narrative design, writing

The Spectrum Retreat voice direction

Catastronauts editing

Cryptant design, writing

Mosaic consultancy, narrative design, writing

Burden of Command consultancy, editing, narrative design

Bomber Crew writing

Winter Hall narrative design, writing

Rusty Lake Paradise consultancy

Depot narrative design, writing

Operation Apex writing

Bloody Zombies writing

Talesinger narrative design, writing

Raiders of Erda narrative design, writing

Raid: World War II dialogue

The Exiled narrative design, writing

Carte Blanche game design

The Siege and the Sandfox coding, narrative design, writing

The Bunker interactive narrative, screenwriting, writing

Pendragon Rising interactive narrative, writing

SOMA coding, design

God Rest Ye Merry? directing, interactive narrative, writing

Fallen Soldiers directing, screenwriting

Frozen Synapse: Prime coding, narrative design, writing

LittleBigPlanet Vita coding, game mechanics

Where’s My Shoggoth? writing

LEGO® City Undercover coding, game mechanics

Empire narrative design, writing

LEGO® Harry Potter, Years 5-7 coding, game mechanics

LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean coding, game mechanics

Fallen London interactive narrative, writing

LEGO® Star Wars III coding, game mechanics

LEGO® Harry Potter, Years 1-4 coding, game mechanics

Stalingrad directing

Blood Trails screenwriting

Awen: Crisial Engine coding, narrative design, systems architecture, writing

Awen: Educational Games art, coding, design, narrative design, writing

Revamp directing, screenwriting

Awen: Build System coding, systems architecture

Butcher’s Blossom directing

Reign screenwriting

My Worst Words writing

The Voice of the Seraph directing, interactive narrative, narrative design, writing

Artifex Rex directing, interactive narrative, narrative design, writing

Alea Iacta Est directing, interactive narrative, narrative design, writing

The Dragon’s Eye directing, interactive narrative, narrative design, writing

Avago Bingo coding, design, systems architecture

Slaght Maand directing, interactive narrative, narrative design, writing

xBrowser coding, design, systems architecture

Sky Fantasy Football coding, systems architecture

Fireman Sam CD-ROM art, coding, design, sound